Upholding health and safety standards is a complicated part of any business. And in workplaces like hospitals, schools and care homes, it can be challenging to ensure you’re compliant in every single area. But when the safety of children and/or vulnerable adults is at stake, it’s more important than ever to ensure your staff are fully trained and up-to-speed.

At Quality Safety Training, we work hard to tailor our courses to your company and your staff, addressing every potential risk and giving your team the tools they need to overcome them. Here are just a few of our courses your staff could benefit from:


Manual handling accidents impact more than just the handler. If an incident occurs, it can cause injuries leading to employee absences, and it could even bring harm to those in the care of your staff. Our three-hour course covers all the legalities surrounding manual handling, as well as outlining causes of injuries and risk assessment. They’ll learn basic (but vital) lifting techniques, including for when they use lifting aids such as hoists and slings.


When preparing any food, care needs to be taken to maintain high standards of food hygiene. Every day, thousands of people suffer from food poisoning. To keep these numbers from growing, food handlers should always be hyper-aware of the risks involved. On our in-depth course, we will teach your staff about the various types of food hazard, from chemical to allergenic, and how they can easily spot and avoid them.


For teachers and healthcare professionals, having high health and safety standards is hugely important. When working with at-risk groups of people, staff need to be prepared for anything at any time. Whether it’s our First Aid at Work or Emergency First Aid at Work course, we will assess the hazards in your workplace, and equip your team with essential knowledge of various risks – including injuries, illnesses and even life support.


In hospitals and other workplaces where staff handle hazardous chemicals, making sure your Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) is fitted correctly isn’t just necessary – it’s required by law. All RPE needs to be fully sealed and tightly fitted before it can be safely used. Our fully-trained technicians can travel to you, complete a face fit test, and if it’s successful, will issue the certificate that very same day – meaning you can get to work straight away. We can even provide masks if required – just let us know when you book the course and we’ll be happy to supply the correct masks.

With Quality Safety Training, you can rest assured knowing your staff will be trained by experienced industry professionals who will teach them the most up-to-date practices. So for first-time bookings, or if your one-year certificate is due to expire, why not consider booking with us?

If you’d like to find out more about us or any of our courses, simply get in touch.

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