Staying safe at work is important, no matter the industry. But if you work with or around harmful substances, extra care must be taken to protect your health. For anyone who uses respiratory protective equipment (RPE) at work, face fit testing is required by law. And by ensuring your equipment is effective, you will keep your business and your employees safe.

There are many different types of RPE – each designed to protect you from a variety of hazards and to suit all types of workplaces. And when it comes to RPE, there’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all.

With our on-site Face Fit Testing service, you can take the risk away, and safeguard the health of your employees and your business.

We can travel to you and carry out a full Face Fit Test to ensure your RPE is up to scratch. Firstly, we’ll explain the need for face fit testing and run through the procedure. Then we’ll give you tailored advice on how to fit the specific mask you’re using. If your equipment passes, you’ll receive a certificate valid for that model.

The HSE and the British Safety Industry Federation recently set up an accreditation scheme to check the competency of face-piece fitters. They found a pass rate of less than 50%, a concerningly low percentage given how vital the equipment is. This means businesses and their employees are putting themselves in unnecessary danger – both in terms of health and profit.

Our Face Fit Testing service is provided by highly experienced testers, each of whom hold a Train the Trainer certificate. What’s more, they’ve each conducted over 200 tests, so you can be sure you’re receiving the highest standard of service, every time.

Our service isn’t just for first-timers. If you change your equipment, if it’s been a long time since your last test, or even if your face shape has changed significantly – you’ll need to have your RPE tested again to make sure you’re still protected.

At Quality Safety Training, we also offer the opportunity to become a tester yourself. Our Face Fit – Train the Trainer course can provide you with the skills needed to conduct a Face Fit Test. So if you are (or are about to become) responsible for providing RPE to your employees, it’s essential that you can do so properly.

We tailor the course to the type of mask you use, giving applicable and specific advice. Once you pass the course, we’ll give you a QST certificate that proves you can use the equipment correctly.

To find out more about our Face Fit Testing service or our Face Fit – Train the Trainer course, get in touch today.