Makes Tunnelling Less Daunting For Anyone New To Tunnelling And A Good Refresher For Experienced Persons.

Since we began, it’s been our mission to help professionals from every industry stay safe and compliant in their fields. That’s why we’re thrilled to be offering yet another course – this time, for the tunnelling industry. The CITB Tunnelling Safety Training Scheme (TSTS) will give tunnel construction workers the tools they need to help build and maintain the safest possible work environment. And our certified tutors are ready to provide training of the highest possible standard, ensuring your staff and your business are completely protected.

This course has replaced the Tunnel Safety Card (TSC), and offers an even more in-depth look into every aspect of this industry.

Produced by industry experts with the support of the CITB, TunnelSkills and the British Tunnelling Society (BTS), the TSTS will make sure you’re practically informed and legally compliant. Here’s what to expect:

In just one day, our CITB-accredited tutors will bring you up-to-speed on all things health and safety, in relation to the industry as a whole and to your specific working environment. You’ll also learn about common tunneling hazards and how to avoid them.


How tunnels are constructed and their impact on the environment;

The health, safety and occupational health hazards and risks in the tunnelling environment;

Legislation and standards relating to tunnelling;

Risk assessment and risk management;

What is expected of you by way of safe conduct and behaviour whilst working in a tunnelling environment.

While the TSTS is classroom-based, you will learn about a range of real-life case studies from major projects – all of which will help you apply what you’ve learnt to your day-to-day work.

So whether you’re an experienced worker or new to the tunnelling construction world, this course will give you up-to-date information and insight into this ever-changing industry.

Get in touch and book today to ensure a safer, more productive and protected workplace.


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