Ensuring that your business is protected with regards to health and safety is not only the morally responsible thing to do, but there is also a specific legal requirement for companies to have someone providing them with competent health and safety advice.

For employers who have more than 5 employees, they must have a written Health and Safety Policy and procedures in place.  For some companies, it can be difficult for them to understand exactly what is required and how to go about producing the documentation.

This is where Quality Safety Training can help!

We are a well renowned company in the South West of England, with Safety Adviser’s based all over the UK so we are more than ably suited to provide you with any health and safety advice or documentation that you might require.

What Can Quality Safety Training Provide:

First and foremost you will require a Health and Safety Policy, including a Health and Safety Policy Statement of Intent.

We work with you to provide you with a bespoke Policy document, one that is completely tailored to your needs and addresses all relevant aspects of your business.

From this, we will then provide a Statement of Intent that sets out your business’s aims and objectives with regards to health and safety, in an easy to read and understand format.

Risk assessment is a central part of an effective health and safety management system, as well as being a specific legal requirement.

We won’t just provide you with generic risk assessments that aren’t relevant to your business or the works you carry out; instead we will work alongside you to understand your business and assist you in completing specific risk assessments that management and workers can both understand and adhere to.

Although not a legal requirement, most Clients also require method statements from their contractors.  Again, by working alongside you, we can assist with the formation of method statements that adequately describe the methods of work for your specific tasks.

Most companies also have some dealings with substances that are hazardous to health, whether this be in the office environment or at the work site.

We are also able to assist in this regard, helping you to understand the legal requirements of the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations and providing you with the tools needed to carry out your own COSHH assessments.

As well as the Health and Safety Policy, you may also require more standardised policies dealing with issues such as drugs and alcohol, disciplinary matters and data protection, all of which we can advise and assist with.

Additional Services:

We can also provide on-site services such as regular site inspections, delivering toolbox talks, advising on site set up, and provision of any necessary paperwork such as Construction Phase plans and streetworks licences.

In order to ensure that your workers are adequately protected from respiratory hazards, there is a requirement that any person who needs to wear a tight fitting face mask be face fit tested for the mask they are using.

We are able to carry out face fit testing for dust masks, on site at locations that suit you.