Courses Avaliable

Utility Excavations – Category 1: Locate Utility Services
Utility Excavations – Category 2: Implement Safe (Digging) Excavating Practices
Utility Excavations – Category 1 & 2 Combined: Locate Utility Services & Implement Safe (Digging) Excavating Practices

EUSR stands for the Energy & Utility Skills Register and is the online register of training skills for the energy and utilities sector and is part of the Energy & Utility Skills Group.

The Energy & Utility Skills Group collaborate with a range of organisations such as regulators, employers and stakeholders in order to support them with upskilling and training of those working or wishing to work in the energy and utilities sector.

The Energy & Utility Skills Group has schemes and programmes that qualify an individual for registration onto the Energy & Utility Skills Register (EUSR) and include many industries such as drainage and sewers, gas and water to name but a few.

EUSR also works in partnership with the CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) for their SHEA (Safety, Health and Environmental Awareness) schemes, meaning that SHEA EUSR cards will be embossed with the CSCS logo.